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Leading Ten Hand Tactic in Poker

This is,by far, one of the most crucial ideas in hold’em. Employing a top ten tactic is the very 1st strategy that competitors should acquire because it teaches the player strong behaviors that will advance to following success.

People are constantly asking me what a good, solid technique is for a amateur competing in Texas Hold’em. My answer is always the same, employ a top ten tactic.

Top 10 tactic, refers to the top 10 pockets hands that you can have. These hands are AA, king-king, QQ, ace-king same suit, JJ, 10-10, nine-nine, 88, AQ suited, and seven-seven. The tactic indicates that you only compete with these hands. This will lead to extremely conservative play, but for an amateur to texas holdem, conservatively is exactly how you want to play.

It feels like to me that I am constantly observing newbies playing very aggressively, they are the 1st players to go all in, and that is generally the incorrect course of action. If these beginner players would stay with a top 10 poker tactic, they routinely would fair much more in the long run. More notably, this reserved top ten poker strategy will educate the burgeoning player understanding, which is the most important virtue that a texas holdem competitor can have.